How to Beakerhead?

Beakerhead says

  • Take in the hands-on public spectacles and contests.
  • Experiment – with science, art and engineering.
  • Let go!

Photo: Kelly Hofer


Photo: Jackie Ho

Rain or shine
All outdoor events will happen whether it rains or shines pending that it’s still safe. If you know Calgary, bring shorts, sunscreen, a sweater and a warm jacket. If you don’t know Calgary, bring shorts, sunscreen, a sweater and a warm jacket.

Be prepared to travel

Beakerhead is a citywide movement and you’ll find remarkable experiences with multiple partners at multiple venues. Grab a bike, maybe even an art bike, use your feet, Calgary transit or segway!

Tours & routes

Travelling from afar

If you come a long way, find out more about Beakerhead and the area from Beakerhead partners at Tourism Calgary and Travel Alberta. Be sure to check out the special hotel packages available when visiting Calgary during Beakerhead.

Hotel packages

A full calendar of events and experiences for everyone

Beakerhead runs year-round events for all ages, and in September we hit the streets and venues of Calgary with more than 60 events in 5 days. Most events are free, as part of the Beakerhead Creative Society educational charity.

Beakerhead events

Want a taste of Beakerhead? Check out the Beakerhead photo gallery.

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